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    I'm tired of facebook. Gonna give yucko another shot. I just need to remember how.
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    How you been Brett?
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    not much, what's up with you?
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    Hey Bret, Can vous say President Barrack Hussein Obama? Never thought vous would see this day? You don't seem to like America very much. Remember it's America: Love It or Leave It. America has decided to take the white trash to the curb and haul it away. Enjoy votre's life without a girlfriend yet. Muah, BA


    Reply from bretofyork:

    See what happens after Barry gets done suckin' the Arab ass. He's already showing his liberal weakness. That's going to come vback and bite him in the ass. You better hope the towle heads wait until Barry's second term because if it happens in his first, ACCORN won't be able to help.
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    Dalek Magi

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    Hey Bret, it's been a few months since I last heard from you. I hope you're okay.
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    Hey bretofyork, thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit. Hope you found everything you needed and enjoy yourself. Are you still running weekly chats, if so I would like to get on the list. If not would you care to start one again? Anyway thanks again for stopping by hope to see you soon.

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